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"Stylin' To Save the World".. One Bag at a time.

Here are some of the special bags I've been commissioned to create

To Clean: rinse out any leakage and wipe with a sponge or damp cloth. Keep open to dry.

                           If your local market isn't giving discounts for you using these wonderful bags, Email their corporate offices and see if they will start the policy.

This is a tiny way that I'm helping the planet. It's something manageable for me, not overwhelming and I'm getting it done! Hugs & please help. ~ Bekki

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Each bag is painted front, back and sometimes the sides. They are $50,  per bag. Shipping and handling included. You can order through PayPal. As the payment is received, your bag will be painted & sent to you in a week or sooner!

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Each bag is $50, per bag, shipping and handling included.

Email me personally to let me know which bag(s) and how many:

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Series 1 Series 2

Front of Black Bag

Back of Black Bag

Front of Cream Bag


Back of Black Bag

Shell TV Table Sets also available = $250 per set includes Tray holder.
  Each bag is pre-washed, hand-painted and spray-sealed to keep the artwork alive! And no two bags are alike, not even each side! I sign them and add my website on the bottom of each bag, to help contact me, again, located on the bottom of the bag for future orders and gifts for others.  
And TV Trays!

Check out the newest art venues!

For the show, Little Shop of Horrors complete set of gorgeous Orange Hibiscus Tv Tray sets!

Close-up of the top .. outside in my garden!

A set of tv tables with stand, here in Florida is $250 with $50 shipping and handling added. Outside of Florida, I'll get back to you regarding shppg.


And now luggage!!

small carry on bag.. front

small carry on bag.. back

stow-away .. front

stow-away .. front

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